Compulsory acquisition of shares is a statutory right for major shareholders to buy out minority shareholders from a limited liability company. Compulsory acquisitions may be requested by shareholders who own more than 90% of the shares, regardless of voting rights, and covers all minority shareholders. It can also be requested by individual minority shareholders, if a majority shareholder holds more than 90% of the shares.

Disputes on compulsory acquisitions shall be settled by arbitration. The object of the arbitrational tribunal is to determine whether the majority shareholder has a right to compulsory acquisition, and thereafter to determine the price.  The arbitrational tribunal shall consist of three arbitrators: both parts appoint one arbitrator each, and they jointly appoint a chairman. In case of numerous minority shareholders, the district court appoints a trustee to represent the interests of the minority. In the compulsory acquisition process regarding Scania, the minority shareholders are represented by the trustee; attorney Mr. Lars Milberg

Volkswagen has through a legally binding arbitration award been declared entitled to compulsory acquisition and has thereby become the owner to the minority owned shares in Scania. As compensation for such shares, the minority shareholders will receive SEK 200 per share together with interest from the day of call for compulsory acquisition.

The final price for the minority shares will be 205,02 SEK/share, and it will be done the 21st of april.

Any questions from minority shareholders regarding the compulsory acquisition procedure can be directed to